It’s been a troubling few weeks watching Ye (formerly Kanye West) making antisemitic comments in a series of interviews. Now his business partners are taking action.

Talent agency CAA has ended its relationship with Ye according to the Los Angeles Times, as has documentaries producer MRC, which was making a film about the artist. “We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform,” said the latter company.

Fashion brand Balenciaga has also cut its ties with Ye, and while another partner, Adidas, has so far merely put its relationship with him ‘under review’, pressure is mounting on that company too.

As Variety noted yesterday, there is also a discernible impact on Ye’s radio airplay (down 13% in the US) and his streams (down 23%). That effect pales, however, next to the potential impact of Ye’s words: witness yesterday’s reports of an established antisemitic hate group emboldened to hang a banner over a busy motorway in LA claiming “Kanye is right about the Jews”.

It’s a bad situation that, despite the corporate-partner pullouts, does not look set for a happy resolution in the immediate future.

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