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The latest artist hoping to sell fans a share of his royalties is US rapper Lil Durk, and there’s an interesting gaming tie-in to his plans for a “music IPO”. He’s working with a company called Exceed Talent Capital on the plans, which will revolve around his upcoming song ‘Bedtime’.

Exact details have yet to be published on how that will work, but we do know how fans can get access to the sale: by buying something called the ‘Trenches All-Access Pass’ in advance. Essentially it’s an NFT whose perks include VIP access to the ‘Bedtime’ sale.

But this is where gaming comes in. Recently Lil Durk launched his own private Grand Theft Auto server, also called Trenches. The plan was that his superfans could join it to play the online elements of Grand Theft Auto V, but also that Lil Durk could use its in-game radio station to promote new artists.

The Trenches All-Access Pass includes instant, lifetime membership of the server (which Exceed said has a 15,000-strong waiting list) as well as a loot box with a randomised selection of in-game wearables. The drop will come in a month’s time.

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