YellowHeart sets its ticketing sights on the metaverse


We first wrote about YellowHeart in 2019, when it emerged as a blockchain ticketing startup backed by EDM duo the Chainsmokers. Fast forward to 2022 and the terminology has been tweaked – YellowHeart is now a web3 ticketing platform – with renewed ambitions to apply that technology in the metaverse.

This week, it’s unveiling its own virtual music venue, which will hold ticketed concerts including meet’n’greets, digital merchandise and the ability for fans to chat amongst themselves. YellowHeart is working with metaverse startup Spatial, which creates virtual worlds for a variety of brands and creators.

The company said that it’s planning to experiment with web3 tickets (sold as NFTs) that bundle in albums, vinyl records, merch and visual art, as well as enabling artists to ping fans about tours, releases and competitions. The theory is that by launching its own virtual venue, YellowHeart can increase the pace of these experiments.

“The technology behind Web3 tickets is ripe and ready for mass adoption, but implementing it at scale has been slower because many venues, particularly in the United States, have exclusive ticketing partnerships in place,” as CEO Josh Katz put it.

Written by: Stuart Dredge