Ingrooves wins AI-marketing patent focused on short video


UMG subsidiary Ingrooves has announced its latest AI-related marketing patent: its third. It may not have a catchy title (‘Artificial Intelligence Prediction of High-Value Social Media Audience Behavior for Marketing Campaigns’) but it’s interesting nonetheless.

The patent focuses on technology to analyse trends on short-video platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels to spot likely spikes on music streaming services. For a company like Ingrooves, spotting those trends as early as possible will then influence its marketing spend.

“With this invention we are taking the guesswork out of which UGC-driven events have the most potential to be powerful growth moments for marketers to act on,” as Ingrooves chief analytics and AI officer Dr SK Sharma put it.

Ingrooves has already put the technology to work for its artists, including a campaign for Los Lara’s (pictured) track ‘Fumando Mota’ that pushed it to nearly 80m streams on DSPs after an initial TikTok surge.

Written by: Stuart Dredge