Songwriter tools: Session x SONA, and Bridger gets collaborative


Accurate metadata is going to be the lifeblood for songwriters in the future (or, to put it less positively, inaccurate or missing metadata has been a big problem for them in the streaming era thus far).

It’s good that a number of projects and partnerships are trying to solve that headache, with two more to tell you about today.

First, startup Session has sealed a partnership with industry body Songwriters of North America (SONA) to make its Session Studio app available to SONA’s songwriter members. That’s the app that helps musicians capture song and recording data as early in the process as possible, so that it can be delivered to collecting societies, digital services and rightsholders.

Session’s effectiveness depends on getting into the hands of as many songwriters as possible, so these kinds of deals are important for the company.

Second, independent rights management entity Bridger, which is one of the alternatives to traditional collecting societies, has added a ‘collaborative works registration’ feature. It aims to make the process of registering multi-songwriter works much easier for independent musicians who are self-published.

Written by: Stuart Dredge