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Taylor Swift’s world marketing tour of the biggest streaming and social platforms continues, in support of her new album ‘Midnights’. It’s Snapchat’s turn today: Snap has worked with augmented reality studio BLNK to create three AR lenses for Snapchat around the album.

One of them, the Midnights Album Lens, involves fans scanning the back-cover art of the album to unlock the missing pieces of its clock, which they can then use in their snaps.

The other two lenses use Snapchat’s ‘Landmarker’ feature, which ties AR to specific locations. In this case, fans need to visit either Big Ben in London or Grand Central Terminal in New York – the theme here is ‘big clocks’ as you can tell – and take a photo using Snapchat to turn them into the album-cover clock, and then a “larger than life vinyl player, complete with gears, turntables, spinning vinyl and music from the new album”.

We think it’s the most high-profile music use of the Landmarker lens feature yet.

Photo Credit: Beth Garrabrant

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