TikTok Academy aims to help marketers be better at TikTok


TikTok has a growing stable of resources for creators (including musicians) to help them get the most out of its app. Now it has launched a separate strand of educational materials for marketers.

It’s called TikTok Academy, and it’s launching with two courses. TikTok 101 covers the basics of the platform for brands, while the Small Business Course is focused specifically on small and medium-sized businesses who are starting out on TikTok.

The company is promising “a gamified education adventure filled with interactive experiences, quizzes, tokens and badges”, with the latter then shareable on social media by individual people who’ve completed the courses.

While TikTok’s Creator Portal may continue to be the first port of call for musicians, the new Academy could grow into a useful resource for the marketers who work with them too.

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Written by: Stuart Dredge