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Amazon unveiled its radio-like Amp app in March 2022, with artists, radio hosts, journalists and any listener able to launch their own music station and play DJ. A rewards fund launched in September introduced a way for those people to make money from their shows.

However, all may not be well in the Amp universe, judging by a Business Insider story on Friday. It claimed that “roughly 150 people” from the Amp team (around half of its staff) had been laid off.

In a follow-up story by GeekWire, Amazon said in a statement that it continually evaluates “the progress and potential of our products and services to deliver customer value, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments”. In this case: “Following a recent review, we’ve made the decision to consolidate a few teams so we can focus on the growth and scaling of Amp.”

If Business Insider’s numbers were correct (Amazon did not confirm them) then there are still 150 people working on Amp.

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