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In September, Warner Music Group announced that Scott Cohen, its chief innovation officer, recorded music, would be leaving the company at the end of September “to pursue new adventures that we’ll hear about soon”.

A month ago, Cohen told his LinkedIn network that he would announce his next venture on 1 November. Well, Happy Scott Cohen’s New Company Reveal Day, folks!

“I joined a new venture as the founding CEO (and investor). We are creating a business around fractionalized ownership of music royalties,” Cohen told Music Ally. “I know that a few people have already tried but this is something different. Something at scale. Access to the world’s top music catalogues and artists.”

Cohen added that he has spent the past month “putting together an A Team of passionate experts and closing exclusive deals with top catalogues”.

Details of those deals, and the final name of the company aren’t being announced just yet, but given Cohen’s record (from co-founding The Orchard to his work at WMG) there will be plenty of interest within the industry.

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