Mixcloud restricts basic tier after ‘dramatic’ rise in costs


Last month we wrote about streaming service Mixcloud’s expansion into short-form audio (i.e. individual music tracks rather than just longer DJ sets and shows). Now the UK-based service has announced some more changes on the creator side of its business.

From the start of December, people on its basic tier will have a maximum allowance of 10 published shows, meaning that if they want to upload a new show or track, they’ll need to move an older one into their (non-public) ‘drafts’ folder.

This is partly an encouragement for people to upgrade to Mixcloud’s ‘Pro’ creator tier, with a three-month, 70% discount on its usual monthly cost of £9.

Mixcloud CEO Nico Perez explained the rationale behind the move in a video address.

“The reason that we’re making these changes is that our hosting costs and the music royalty costs that we pay for all the artists that are streamed within your shows have risen dramatically over the last few years,” said Perez. “In order for us to be sustainable as a platform, and to be here for you for the long term, we have to make sure that the economics work.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge