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TikTok continues to grow rapidly, and its growth throws up some eye-opening data: the most downloaded app in the first half of 2022, 1.2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in Q4 2021, and a projected 1.8 billion MAUs by the end of this year. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, a typical user spends an average of over 1.5 hours each day on the platform. If you market music, you’ll – at the very least – think carefully about using TikTok as part of your marketing mix.

If an artist decides that TikTok is appropriate for them, the platform can help grow their audience, and then transfer it across to streaming platforms. But there are still many artists who do not have a strong presence on the platform – missing out on a potential exposure opportunity. Trendpop is a SaaS platform and a data-driven tool designed to help users strategise their TikTok presence and navigate the app’s ecosystem. It aims to help users spot emerging trends in real time, identify useful influencers, and find superfans to engage with.


Trendpop is aimed towards musicians, agencies and brands who want to deliver engaging TikTok content. The platform is owned by a creator tech company Collab which is an official TikTok creative and marketing partner with API access, and thus it offers comprehensive metrics to boost your TikTok reach as well as track your marketing campaigns.

There are a few different features offered by the platform to help your videos break through and go viral.

If you want to know what trends you should jump on right now, the ‘Discovery’ section lets you research which ones are gaining momentum – so you can participate before they oversaturate the platform. You can research trending sounds and hashtags, too.

In the ‘Reports’ section, you can view success metrics across all your music releases – the idea being that you won’t miss any of your videos gaining attention and letting you identify growth opportunities. You are able to see how similar artists and their fans are using TikTok as well.

Your video’s performance is broken down into detailed information and data: in the form of real-time insights, where you can deep into audience demographic, content, related creators/sounds/hashtags, mentions and historical performance.

If you’re looking for influencers to collaborate with on your next campaign, you can discover engaging creators and find their contact information on Trendpop, too.

The platform can also uncover different versions of your music – including covers, mashups, remixes, and sped-up versions with its audio-recognition system. It uses Spotify links, helping you audit your catalogue and uncover hidden sounds containing your music, enabling some interesting marketing opportunities. You could then, for example, release a newly-discovered alternative version of your song that has gained popularity on TikTok – and drive the audience to your streaming platforms. Artists could also comment on, or duet with, the most popular videos containing different versions of your song. Or perhaps they can film a video using this sound, which can  be incorporated in your wider posting strategy, to encourage user-generated content creation.

In the future, the platform plans to expand its service to Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels, too.


There are three pricing plans available – ranging from $250 to $2000 per month, depending on how many users have access to the platform and what features you are interested in.

The ‘Starter’ plan, available for one user only, costs $250 per month and gives you access to creator analytics, sound analytics, hashtag analytics, video analytics, audience intelligence and the basic support package. For access to TikTok music analytics, creation of personalised collections, and to invite up to five users, you will need a Team plan for $1000 per month. The $2000 per month ‘Business’ plan gives up to ten users access to all previous features, plus “enhanced collections” and priority support. Pricing for Enterprise plans, with real-time email alerts, custom dashboards, hourly and data tracking is available on request. Each price plan has a free one week trial available.

Similar tools

There are many platforms offering extensive TikTok analytics. Some other interesting tools that can be used by the music industry are, for example, Brandwatch and Pentos. Brandwatch is TikTok’s official partner, and offers analytics, plus the possibility to schedule TikTok posts and to moderate comments. The company acquired the influencer marketing platform Paladin – now rebranded as Influence – and is a part of Brandwatch’s wider social suite. Influence lets brands discover TikTok influencers and execute campaigns with them directly from the Brandwatch suite. The starting pricing point for small businesses is $108.00 per month. 

Meanwhile, Pentos allows you to analyse users and sounds, monitor videos and measure hashtags. Pentos only begins monitoring content within 24 hours of an account selection, which means that users can’t access historical data. The starting price point is lower, however: the cheapest plan is $49 per month.

The takeaway

TikTok is a powerful marketing tool with music at its core and building up a TikTok strategy became very important for artists. There are different tools available to help you to understand your audience and video metrics better, inform your marketing decisions and have better chances of going viral. Trendpop is especially worth your attention if you’re looking to   identify viral and emerging trends to help you decide what content to create, and need to track your music’s performance on TikTok.

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