Later this week the second Metaverse Music Festival takes place in virtual world Decentraland. More than 100 artists are set to perform, as we reported last month.

One of the companies involved is BeatBlox, the startup that already has its own music district within Decentraland.

16 artists from Latin America will be performing on its stage at the festival, including musicians from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

“We curated a lineup that is totally equal and inclusive and with an unbelievable talent that goes from music created with AI visuals, to metaverse native artists,” BeatBlox’s head of business development Walter Nogara told Music Ally.

“For this activation we are focused on artists coming from Latin America because there has been an incredible adoption around web3 ecosystems from these artists.”

@Xcelencia · Juli Obregón · @KASBEELL · Emidoina · Mateo Dufour · @___ListenToWAVE · @noguchihugo · Alondra Noctvrna · Iris Saladino · Two Phase U · Nait Saves · Chindogu · @theloopcurator · @theperrisband · Kion · Laura Gonzalez ·

— BeatBlox (@beatblox_) November 3, 2022

BeatBlox will be streaming content from the artists, but they’ll also be showing up in avatar form to experience the festival themselves.

Nogara is a fan of what Decentraland is doing, both in terms of its decentralised structure, and its specific music activities.

“Participants who have bought parcels are creating great experiences with brands and also inclusivity topics, It’s a place that unites us no matter where we are,” he said.

“As BeatBlox we were able to develop our first virtual experience with Decentraland as a starting point, and the spirit and nature of its community has been of great support for our project.”

BeatBlox has also found business partners through its Decentraland activities, including Metaverse Group, whose music hub the Beatlox stage will be located at during the festival, and Waanmusic, which is working with it to curate the lineup.

Nogara is also enthusiastic about the interest in web3 technologies from artists and companies in Latin America.

“We are talking about a resilient society that looks for economic solutions and financial freedom all the time. Latin America is also home to five of the top thirty countries in this year’s crypto [adoption] index,” he noted.

(You can find that index here: Brazil is 7th in the rankings, with Argentina 13th, Colombia 15th, Ecuador 18th and Mexico 28th.)

“Latin America urges to find ways to expand its culture, music, new business models, creativity and more,” continued Nogara.

“The metaverse and web3 could be the perfect stage for LatAm artists to expand their content and create additional revenue streams while building a deeper bond with their audience.”

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