ISP faces $46.8m damages after losing piracy battle


Record label lawsuits against ISPs for piracy conducted by the latter’s customers feels like a story from a different age. However, those legal cases are far from history, and last week the music industry enjoyed a notable win.

US-based ISP Astound Broadband (formerly known as Grande Communications, against whom the original case was brought) has been hit with a $46.8m damages bill after losing a lawsuit brought by labels.

The ISP was found liable for ‘willful copyright infringement’ due to the activities of some of its customers. US industry body the RIAA welcomed the news, as you’d expect.

“This is the latest validation by US courts and juries that unchecked online infringement will not stand. The jury’s strong action here sends an important message to Internet Service Providers,” said chairman and CEO Mitch Glazier.

The ISP has yet to comment.

Written by: Stuart Dredge