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Another day, another update in how Twitter is planning to change its verification system for public figures and brands.

We already know that soon, anyone will be able to play $8 a month for a ‘blue tick’ (actually a white tick on a blue background, fellow pedants!) as part of the Twitter Blue subscription.

However, now it has emerged that there will be a separate tier of verification that you won’t be able to pay for.

“We’re introducing the ‘Official’ label to select accounts when we launch,” explained Twitter products exec Esther Crawford yesterday.

“Not all previously verified accounts will get the ‘Official’ label and the label is not available for purchase. Accounts that will receive it include government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and some public figures.”

The ‘official’ label will sit below usernames on Twitter profiles. How many currently-verified musicians will be included in the “some public figures” bucket? With the dust still settling on who’s in charge of what at Twitter – music partnerships included – that remains to be seen.

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