Amazon Music for Artists adds two more merchandise features


Amazon Music has been making a significant push recently around merchandise, encouraging artists to explore the ways they can sell merch across its parent company’s platforms. It has just launched two new features to build on that.

First, owners of ‘artist teams’ in Amazon Music for Artists will now get expedited access to Amazon’s print-on-demand service Amazon Merch on Demand.

Second, it has launched a new set of ‘merch curation’ tools within the Amazon Music for Artists dashboard, to help artists promote the merch they’re selling on Amazon’s shopping service on their Amazon Music profiles too.

This all fits in to a vision recently outlined by Amazon’s music boss Steve Boom as ‘streaming 2.0’, linking music streaming with other ways for artists to make money.

“When you get into areas like merch, there are unlimited amounts that people are willing to spend to connect with their favourite artist and to represent their fandom,” said Boom.

Music Ally recently partnered with Amazon Music on a series of courses for artists, including ‘Expand Your Merch Table’ which focuses on merchandise.

Written by: Stuart Dredge