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YouTube has published its latest copyright transparency report, covering the first half of 2022. First spotted by TorrentFreak, the report outlines the latest data on copyright-related takedown requests on YouTube, as well as its Content ID system.

The latest stats on the latter: 9,186 partners have access to Content ID – labels, collecting societies, movie studios etc – but only 4,773 of them actively used it in the first half of this year.

Content ID generated 757.9m unique claims or copyright removal requests during that period, which was 98.9% of all such claims received by YouTube. The other 1.1% came from its other copyright tools: Webform and Copyright Match.

More figures: only 0.5% of those Content ID claims were disputed by the uploaders of the videos in question; 99% of Content ID claims during this period were made through automated detection; and 90% of Content ID claims were monetised – meaning rightsholders chose to leave the videos online but claim the revenues from them.

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