AI music startup Boomy has been used to create 10m songs


We’ve seen a flurry of announcements from streaming services recently about their catalogues reaching 100m tracks: Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music. Now there’s an announcement about a catalogue that’s a tenth of the size, but potentially as interesting to discuss in the context of the future of the music industry.

“We have reached a huge milestone –  over 10 Million unique, original songs have been created with Boomy,” announced AI music startup Boomy yesterday.

The US company launched in 2019 as a way for people to create original music using its AI, and release it to streaming services. By May 2021 when it came out of beta, it had been used to create more than 2m songs. 18 months later, it has reached the 10m mark.

To put this in perspective, around 100k new commercial tracks are currently being uploaded to streaming services every day. Boomy is being used to create around 14.8k original songs every day.

That said, only some of those songs are being released (and thus are part of the 100k-a-day stat), since the way Boomy’s service works is that you create lots of songs, rejecting the ones you don’t like and only keeping (and potentially releasing) the ones you do.

Written by: Stuart Dredge