In May we reported on startup HIFI Labs spinning out a project called Neume, which was trying to create a data layer for web3 music platforms.

Now the person in charge, director of open source projects Dan Fowler, has been tweeting more details, drawing on his previous experience working within PRS for Music and licensing hub ICE to reduce music licensing barriers.

“The status quo is an inadequate equilibrium. This made me realise that we can’t fix what already exists, but, we can build the next thing right from the start,” wrote Fowler.

“The point of neume is to build infrastructure that: can’t be gatekept; is available to everyone, always; and is robust to market evolution. For this to be true it must be open source and not owned by any single party… If we set the blockchain music industry on a path of closed databases, then while it may be free and open now, there are no guarantees that this will remain. It is so important we get this right.”

The full Twitter thread has more on how Neume is evolving with this goal in mind.

We at @hifilabs have been supporting the development of @neumenetwork for a few months now.

But why?

Why are we committed to open-source infrastructure for the future music industry?

And what is the long-term plan?

— dan fowler (@dan_djfnd) November 10, 2022

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