Songwriter sues 3lau over revenues from his NFT sales


Artist Justin Blau (aka 3lau) has been one of the early movers in music NFTs, selling his own and founding startup Royal.

However, his famously-lucrative NFT sale in early 2021 has now sparked a lawsuit from one of the songwriters involved in the album that formed the basis for the project.

Luna Aura had a 50% share of the songwriting royalties for one of the tracks, ‘Walk Away’, but in a lawsuit filed in New York she claims that she was only offered a $25k flat-fee after the auction (which raised $11.7m overall) concluded.

“Despite the commercial and financial success of the NFT auction, defendants only offered Luna Aura an after-the-fact, one-time payment,” claimed her lawyers.

3lau’s manager Andrew Goldstone has responded publicly in a statement released to Billboard. “These claims are without merit, and we will vigorously defend the lawsuit that was just filed yesterday without any prior notice,” he said.

Written by: Stuart Dredge