Spotify and Google begin rollout of ‘use choice billing’


In March 2022, Spotify was confirmed as a launch partner for Google’s new ‘user choice billing’ system. That’s the scheme through which developers of Android apps would be able to use their own billing systems rather than Google’s in-app purchases system.

This week it’s rolling out in “select markets” globally, with Spotify publishing an explanatory video showing the ability to pay directly for a subscription using a credit card or PayPal, presented alongside Google’s IAP system rather than replacing it entirely.

“Spotify has been publicly advocating for platform fairness and expanded payment options for years. We believe that fair and open platforms enable better, frictionless consumer experiences that also empower developers to imagine, innovate, and thrive,” is how Spotify contextualised the news.

This, of course, is a reference to its ongoing battle with Apple, and pressure on that company to allow alternative billing systems within its App Store.

Written by: Stuart Dredge