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There’s a growing debate about whether and how visual artists should be able to opt out of their work being used to train creative AI systems. A number of artists have complained about their copyrighted works being used for this purpose, especially with systems that then allow anyone to create new images in their style.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to see the approach being taken by DeviantArt, one of the biggest online communities of visual artists and their work. TechCrunch explained its move, which involves HTML tags (‘noai’ and ‘noimageai’) that artists can use to tell robots crawling the site not to download their images for AI training. As part of DeviantArt’s terms of service, anyone using its content for this purpose will have to agree to respect the new tags.

While in theory companies could ignore this and scrape the artwork anyway, it’s a positive step nonetheless. Now here’s a question to ponder: what might be the music equivalent to this system, and how could it be implemented?

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