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There’s a new AI-music startup in town, and like its established rivals it is pitching itself as a boon for human songwriters rather than a replacement for them. “Your AI music co-writer,” as Staccato styles itself. “Think of it as an AI Lennon to your McCartney.” Which may put the backs up of hardcore Beatles fans, but it sounds like a potentially interesting service.

Staccato’s website explains its three core features at launch. It’s a plugin for notation software to “notate music and suggest where to take your music”, but people can also paste in MIDI tracks from their digital audio workstation (DAW) for Staccato to “suggest what should come next”. Finally, it’s got a lyrics-generating feature.

The company was founded in 2021 and released the first iteration of its tools this year. CEO Jeff Lupker said the service is “all about balance” in a comment on Staccato’s Product Hunt page. “The tools here help you with smaller sections but never full songs. That keeps the human in the loop the whole way & so there is a nice balance between human and AI.”

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