Spotify makes its latest pitch for Marquee ads effectiveness


With advertisers fleeing Twitter, now’s probably a good time for any advertising-supported service to be shouting the merits of booking ads on its platform.

Spotify certainly isn’t shy: it has made its latest pitch for the effectiveness of its pop-up ‘Marquee’ ads in a blog post.

Based on a research project involving eight labels and distributors, the headline claim is that “Marquee delivers an average of 10x more Spotify listeners for every dollar spent on similar social ads”.

The study involved promoting releases on Spotify and on “the most popular social media marketing platforms” (none of which are named). All these ads targeted artists’ core audiences on mobile devices, in the same countries at around roughly the same time, with the same budgets. Cue the 10x stat.

“Even the release with the lowest rate in the study showed that Marquee reported 5x more Spotify listeners per dollar spent on social ads,” noted Spotify. “It also resulted in more listeners per click: Marquee delivered a 100% higher click-to-listen-rate, on average, than similar social ads.”

It all sounds good, although we’d love to see more granular data on exactly which social media platforms were used for the study, and how their performance broke down individually.

Written by: Stuart Dredge