NFTs firm Sound adds activity feed to boost music discovery


Sound is one of the more interesting music NFTs platforms we saw spring up in the last couple of years. After a stealthy start, it unveiled its plans for NFTs and fan communities around them late last year, accompanied by $5m of seed funding. Since then, Sound has been building its marketplace for music NFTs.

Now there’s an update: an activity feed to help buyers see what other people are doing on the platform. The new feed shows real-time activity from Sound as a whole, or can be tweaked to only show what people you follow are up to. At launch, it shows users collecting songs and adding them to playlists, as well as artists releasing tracks.

“Music discovery is inherently social, but content discovery on most platforms is opaque and algorithmic,” said Sound in its announcement tweetstorm. “We wanted to create a deeply social experience for discovering music, where you control what you see instead of an obscure recommendation engine.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge