Report predicts 12.5m sales of consumer VR headsets in 2022


It’s been a busy week for research firm Omdia’s team of predictors. Besides its latest advertising forecasts the company has also been gazing into its crystal ball – or should that be crystal headset? – for the virtual reality market.

Omdia is predicting that 12.5m consumer VR headsets will be sold in 2022, with $1.6bn spent on VR software – 90% of which is for games. The company also estimates that by the end of this year, Meta will reach the milestone of 20m sales for its Meta Quest headsets, accounting for 76% of the 2022 market total (so around 9.5m of them).

However, Omdia also delivered a warning that virtual reality is still not a mainstream technology. By 2027, it expects around 72m headsets to be in use by consumers, noting how far this is behind its forecasts for smartphones (6bn), PCs (nearly 3bn households) and games consoles (250m) by that point.

One caveat: Apple’s long-rumoured headset is not included in these forecasts – “details remain elusive,” noted Omdia – so that could be the wild card.

Written by: Stuart Dredge