Sao Paolo, Mexico City and Santiago are the metal megacities


Chartmetric’s latest deep-dive blog post comes from SoundCloud’s director of music intelligence and analytics Wyatt Marshall, and it focuses on metal around the world.

“Taking a global view and measuring by the average number of monthly Spotify listeners for Metal acts, Latin and South American megacities show their Heavy Metal colors, with Sao Paolo, Mexico City, and Santiago at the top,” wrote Marshall. “In these cities, Metal artists have seen on average more than 2.5K monthly listeners on Spotify over the last three years, and those listener bases have listened to more than 3.8K artists.”

The piece notes that over the past three years, the number of metal artists in Chartmetric’s database has doubled: it’s currently tracking more than 100,000. There is also a spotlight on Finland: “home to the highest number of Metal bands per capita (42 per 100K people)”.

There is plenty more data and visualisations in the full blog post.

Written by: Stuart Dredge