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With the year coming to a close, it’s time for artists to look back on all the progress they have made in 2022. Today, Spotify has launched 2022 Artist Wrapped, which offers artists a look at all the progress they’ve made over the last year with their music and fans. It’s a huge moment of connection between fans and artists, as both begin to reflect on their year in music.  

Artist Wrapped provides artists with a detailed look back on their Spotify performance over the year. It’s not only a great source of data and insight – it’s also a unique opportunity for artists to connect with fans by sharing their own highlights from the year.

If your music had at least three listeners on Spotify this year, your 2022 Artist Wrapped will be waiting for you in Spotify for Artists. If you’ve already claimed your Spotify for Artists account, simply log in to access it. And if you’ve not claimed your account yet, now’s the perfect time to do it! Either way, read on to find out how to participate in one of the year’s biggest music moments.

More insights and data than ever

Since launching in 2017, the Artist Wrapped experience has grown bigger and better each year – and, now in its sixth year, artists will receive more insights on growth and fans than ever. It’ll show artists and their teams useful and exciting stats about their top fans and how they listened in 2022 – useful, exciting, shareable info.

Spotify for Artists wants to help you strengthen that vital connection between you and your fans, and there are lots of ways to do just that. Wrapped is one of the most high-impact and widely-shared fan moments of the year – so it’s important to know all the tools and resources on offer. Now is a great time to make sure you are ready to maximise the impact of Spotify Wrapped!

Getting the most out of 2022 Wrapped for Artists

First of all, you’ll need to access 2022 Wrapped for Artists by logging into your Spotify for Artists account – if you’ve not claimed it yet, simply click here. Then click the “2022 Artist Wrapped” card on the Home tab, and sit back and enjoy all the interesting info it holds!

Prepare to share

Next, before you start to think about how you’ll share this with your fans, take a moment to think about how they’ll interact with you on Spotify after you share it. You’ll want to make sure your profile is up to date. Think about maybe adding some new photos, refreshing your artist bio, listing your latest merch offers, or adding any upcoming tour dates – anything that your fans will enjoy interacting with further.

As you’re watching your Artist Wrapped, you’ll notice that, at certain points, you can generate personalized “share cards,” highlighting one of your specific achievements from 2022. You can then share these cards with your fans. They’re available in several color options and sizes, so you can get a bit creative here and make it fit to your aesthetic. They also come in a multitude of languages – so if you have a fanbase that spans the globe, you can easily include more of your fans from around the world in the fun.

If you want to generate share cards in other languages, it’s easy. Simply click or tap on the bottom right-hand corner to see other locations and languages, select the location or language you need, and you’ll be able to generate share cards in your selected language.

Don’t forget that if you are working as part of an artist team, you can also share a personalized Artist Wrapped link with all your teammates.  If they are working in different areas of the music industry, or in other parts of the world, then they may have a unique perspective or expertise to share with the rest of the team.

It’s a Wrap!

Finally, when you share your Artist Wrapped, make sure to include the hashtags #2022ArtistWrapped, #SpotifyWrapped and tag @Spotify too!

View your 2022 Artist Wrapped by logging into Spotify for Artists – and read more about it here on the Spotify for Artists blog.

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