YouTube sees itself as ‘the institutional memory of Hip Hop’


November was Hip Hop History Month, and YouTube’s director of Black music and culture Tuma Basa ended it by publishing a blog post setting out where he sees the video service fitting into that history.

“YouTube is the institutional memory of Hip Hop. If it happened and it was recorded, YouTube is where it lives,” wrote Basa, citing some of the genre’s milestone moments: from awards comments and live performances to music videos.

Basa also offered some stats from the present time. “9 of the top 10 artists in the US for 2022 are Hip Hop artists and collectively, have earned over 16B views globally on YouTube this year,” he wrote.

YouTube also marked the end of Hip Hop History month with a playlist of freestyle rap moments: Megan Thee Stallion, Stormzy, Eminem and more.

Written by: Stuart Dredge