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It’s a shame that Elon Musk and Tim Cook have already settled their differences during a walk around Apple’s HQ. If they’d left it a few days, they could have done it over a boisterous karaoke party!

Apple Music is getting a new feature called ‘Sing’ just in time for Christmas. It’s an extension of the service’s existing lyrics features. Now subscribers can turn off/down the vocals on tens of millions of tracks to sing along, while seeing lyrics that are now properly real-time: beat-by-beat rather than just line-by-line.

Sing also makes the difference between lead and backing vocals clear, and when there’s a duet it shows the singers’ words on opposite sides of the screen.

The feature launches later this month, and while it’ll work on iPhones and iPads, we sense its Apple TV integration will be its natural home for living-room gatherings – with or without mercurial billionaires.

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