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Is there time for a few more music NFT announcements before Christmas? Of course there is, including the latest partnership for Warner Music Group.

It’s working with startup LGND.io and blockchain group Polygon Companies on a project called LGND Music, which launches early in 2023. It’s branding digital collectibles as – look away now, people who get furious at this particular use of the plural – ‘virtual vinyls’ that can be played within its app or website.

It’s the latest in an ever-growing line of web3 partnerships and projects for WMG: GeniesThe SandboxOneOfSplinterlandsPOAPStickmen ToysAuthentic ArtistsOpenSea and Probably A Label.

In separate news two other serial NFT-experimenters, musicians Steve Aoki and Justin ‘3lau’ Blau, have unveiled a new project called Punx. Also debuting in 2023, it’s based on the popular CryptoPunks NFTs brand, turning its characters into an “audio-visual IRL-meets-metaverse supergroup”.

Expect music and a tour next year. Finally Winamp, the music-playing software whose web3 ambitions we wrote about earlier this year, is adding a feature to play music NFTs.

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