Google search’s top trending song of 2022 may surprise you


The same names are popping up in the various streaming and social services’ end-of-year lists, with Bad Bunny particularly prominent. He’s nowhere to be seen in Google’s ‘Year in Search’ global song chart however. In fact, it’s markedly different from the top-track rankings we’ve been seeing this month. The most searched-for song this year on Google was ‘Tak Ingin Usai’ by Indonesian artist Keisya Levronka, for which searches exploded in July. That created a knock-on effect for the track’s official music video (which has 61m views on YouTube so far) and its lyric video (145m). What other songs trended in Google searches this year? ‘Pasoori’ by Pakistani artists Ali Sethi and Shae Gill was in second place – a track spawned by the Coke studio initiative – while ‘Glimpse of Us’ by Japanese artist Joji was third. It was one of the big TikTok successes of 2022. Google didn’t publish a chart of top-trending artists on search this year globally, but it did regionally. Adam Levine topped that chart in the US, although we suspect those searches weren’t all related to his music

Written by: Stuart Dredge