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OffBeat is the startup formerly known as MonkingMe, which rebranded in March and pivoted towards NFTs. Now it has unveiled its plans for something called ‘Music ID’, which it is describing as a “Soulbound NFT” (or SBT for short).

It’s a collaboration with blockchain platform Polygon, and turns people’s music habits – the songs they stream, concerts they go to, music NFTs they own etc – into a ‘music passport’ with a community around it. Full details are here.

Meanwhile Clef is the latest startup exploring the intersection of music creation and web3 technologies. It has just launched a new feature called Clef Mixing, where people can create their own generative music NFTs using its tools.

Finally, web3 music startup Public Pressure has announced that its first project, a series of music NFTs from Italian DJs Merk & Kremont, generated more than $2m in sales. The 3,333 NFTs were sold for $600 each, with unreleased tracks and unlocks for features in an online game that’s part of the Moonsama platform.

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