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A petition on calling for streaming services to remove Kanye West’s music has been making headlines recently with nearly 85,000 signatures. For now, they’re sticking to their policies of not removing past unhateful music in response to current hateful comments.

So, you can imagine the last thing their moderation teams will have wanted to see popping up on their services was a new R. Kelly album, given his recent convictions for sexual abuse and racketeering.

However, there’s something of a mystery around the release of ‘I Admit It’, which came out on Friday on the major streaming services before being swiftly removed. As BuzzFeed reported, label Sony Music said that the album was a bootleg rather than an official release. That was confirmed by Kelly’s attorney, who said that he “is having intellectual property stolen from him”.

Tiny violins for that, but the DSPs will be having their latest inquests into how this kind of unauthorised bootleg release can happen on their platforms.

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