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Just when the music industry has finally got used to producing vertical videos, one of the prime platforms behind the trend is… going horizontal? Well, kind of.

TikTok is testing a full-screen horizontal videos mode. TechCrunch explained that users who are part of the test will see a new ‘full screen’ button on videos in their feed, which they can tap then turn their phone to watch in widescreen.

Allied to the fact that TikTok upped its maximum video length to 10 minutes earlier this year, it sparks a few thoughts. For starters, it could make TikTok a viable platform for traditional music videos – with the necessary licensing deals in place, of course. It might also ease the workflow for under-pressure artist and label teams to reuse other video content originally produced for YouTube.

But for now the new horizontal mode is just a test: if TikTok users who’ve grown up with vertical as their default video format don’t take to it, there’s no guarantee it will graduate to a full feature.

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