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How long can the boom in music catalogue acquisitions (and valuations) continue? Judging by the number of music industry veterans launching startups in that area, there’s still life in this trend.

Former Tidal COO Lior Tibon is the latest example, having co-founded a startup called Duetti with former colleague (also of Apple Music) Christopher Nolte.

The Verge broke the news of the stealthy startup’s plans. “Duetti will buy the rights to songs that it has identified as already performing well on streaming services,” it reported. “The company then further milks those songs with the help of playlists, influencer partnerships, and other forms of optimization and, over time, buys rights to additional songs from artists it partners with.”

It sounds like an attempt to swerve the competition for expensive heritage catalogues and focus more on independent artists with streaming momentum.

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