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As we reported yesterday, Twitter appears to have swiftly u-turned on its plan to ban links to certain rival social-media platforms, as well as smart-links. But just in case the idea is revived, the CEO of one of the main companies in the latter sector has strongly criticised the plan.

Linktree CEO Alex Zaccaria tweeted at Elon Musk calling the idea “at its very core anti-creator and antithetical to the open, free Internet on which Twitter was founded”. He added that any such move would penalise creators much more than it would the rival platforms. “In fact, Linktree users drive almost twice as much traffic back to Twitter than Twitter drives to Linktree. This policy would cut that flow and avenue of discovery, again harming the user,” wrote Zaccaria.

In separate news, one of those other platforms, Mastodon, has revealed the growth it’s been seeing since Musk took over Twitter. “Mastodon has recently exploded in popularity, jumping from approx. 300K monthly active users to 2.5M between the months of October and November, with more and more journalists, political figures, writers, actors and organizations moving over,” wrote CEO Eugen Rochko.

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