disturbed ai video

Rock band Disturbed have become one of the most prominent music artists to use image-generating AI technology to create a music video.

Released in November, the video for ‘Bad Man’ was created by using the Midjourney AI image generator to create around 10,000 individual frames, which were then pieced together into the final video by director Tristan Holmes. So, there’s still a big human element here: the original prompts and then the selection of images and editing them together.

“This is a very fluid process,” said Holmes in a ‘behind the scenes’ video explaining how the project was made. “It’s definitely not a process where you put something in once, and then you get this result that’s a perfect expression of what you intended. It’s a lot more to-and-fro-ing. It’s kinda like a weird game of tennis, or you can imagine it as a conversation where you’re constantly recalibrating prompts and shifting orders of words and changing references and nuances and style settings… It takes weeks!”

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