Kenyan musician Bien-Aime Alusa wants to expand HustleSasa app


In recent years we’ve seen a growing number of artists launch their own music/tech startups. Kenyan musician Bien-Aime Alusa is one of them, having co-founded a company whose HustleSasa app launched in November 2021.

Reuters has a report on Alusa’s ambitions to expand HustleSasa beyond his homeland to other African countries. The app enables artists and retailers to sell products – merch and concert tickets in musicians’ case – to fans who can pay using bank cards or mobile payments platforms.

“Our region has one of the lowest payout rates in the world from other streaming platforms, but on HustleSasa you are getting value for money in real time,” Alusa told Reuters. “It’s the future of ticketing, it’s the future of selling merch, it’s the future where we are going to have the power and future in our hands.”

This element of control is a wider trend across Africa, where music industry and music/tech infrastructure is being built at a rapid pace, and with a strong desire for it to be owned by the local industries and their artist communities.

Written by: Stuart Dredge