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Data·ai is the company formerly known as App Annie, which spends its time analysing the mobile apps market and making revenue predictions. Its latest annual report has plenty of juice.

Globally, mobile app downloads grew by 11% to 255bn in 2022, although consumer spending on those apps actually fell by 2% – albeit to $167bn. Meanwhile, mobile advertising spend grew by 14% to $336bn according to Data·ai’s calculations.

Music and audio apps accounted for 4.2% of consumer spending – bear in mind a lot of music subscriptions are paid for outside the app stores, so aren’t included in this data – while short-video apps accounted for a 7.9% share.

Data·ai also noted that TikTok generated more than $3bn in consumer spending in 2022, taking it to $6bn of lifetime spend (and remember, that doesn’t include advertising revenue). Only Tinder has a higher consumer lifetime spend outside mobile games.

The report estimates that in the US, TikTok’s average monthly revenue per user is 85 cents, miles ahead of second-placed Snapchat’s five cents per user.

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