‘Make Tickets Fair!’ campaign aims to educate fans about resales


A group of live industry bodies has teamed up to launch an educational campaign across Europe about ticket reselling. The campaign is called ‘Make Tickets Fair!’ and is kicking off with a website focused on the industry, showing event organisers how they can point fans in the direction of ‘safe’ (i.e. approved) places to buy resale tickets.

However, this is just the building block for an upcoming campaign aimed at fans themselves.

Resale-focused group FEAT has been coordinating the efforts, with the likes of UTA, the European Music Managers Alliance, European Arenas Association, FanFair Alliance and the Sports Rights Owners Coalition (because this isn’t just a music thing) involved. “It’s vital that this campaign is successful, and that means becoming front-of-mind with agents, managers and promoters when they are planning shows,” said Jules de Lattre, senior music agent at UTA.

If you’re attending the Eurosonic conference this week, a panel is being held tomorrow (Thursday) to discuss the plans in more detail.

Written by: Stuart Dredge