Spotify and Deezer step up their pressure for an Apple crackdown


It’s been a few weeks since the last call from Spotify for a regulatory crackdown on Apple, so it must be time for another one. This time it’s in the form of a joint letter that includes Deezer, as well as partners from the tech industry (Basecamp, Proton) and media (Schibsted, France Digitale) to the European Commission’s Margrethe Vestager.

The letter calls for “swift and decisive action by the European Commission against anticompetitive and unfair practices by certain global digital gatekeepers, and Apple in particular”.

Given that Spotify filed its original complaint with the EC against Apple in March 2019, the “swift and decisive” demand seems… optimistic. But that’s the point: the letter is about keeping up the pressure on European regulators (whose action may in turn influence their peers elsewhere in the world) while also keeping it in the headlines.

Spotify and its allies want “a rapid decision in the competition case against Apple for its illegal, anti competitive behaviour involving music streaming services”, but the regulators will, we sense, continue to proceed at their own stately pace.

Written by: Stuart Dredge