Viberate slashes the cost of its music analytics service


One of the announcements made at the NY:LON Connect conference this week came from music analytics firm Viberate. It is slashing the cost of its service from €129 a month to €119 a year – or €9.90 a month. “It’s basically a Spotify subscription,” said co-founder Vasja Veber in his appearance at the conference, while stressing that there will still be a free tier for individual artists to track their own data.

Viberate has been growing its platform steadily, taking in data from streaming services and social media platforms, but also radio airplay and the live industry. “We scan lineups of festivals, we scan lineups of live events, and we incorporate all that into our metrics,” said Veber.

He also noted that TikTok data is the hot thing for clients at the moment. “Everyone wants TikTok data. No one wants Facebook data, it’s just not as relevant as it was five years ago,” he said.

Label A&Rs are one of the groups that Viberate is pitching to, with Veber stressing the diplomacy involved. “They say ‘machines are not going to do the job for us, we still have to like the music we’re going to sign!’ I say ‘you’re correct. We’re just going to help you filter out all the music that you’re getting in…’”

Written by: Stuart Dredge