45% of games developers are still sceptical of the metaverse


In the music industry there is excitement and scepticism alike around ‘the metaverse’ – in its use as a term covering games, virtual worlds and augmented/mixed-reality content.

How do people in the games industry feel about it? A new study conducted by the Game Developers Conference asked 2,300 of those developers for their thoughts.

When they were asked which company is best placed to deliver the metaverse’s promise, 14% said Epic Games/Fortnite, 7% said Meta/Horizon Worlds, 7% said Microsoft/Minecraft, and 5% said Roblox. Google and Apple both got 3%. But the runaway leader was… no answer.

45% of developers surveyed don’t think the metaverse will deliver on its promise, up from 33% the year before. VentureBeat summarised the reasons for their scepticism: “the unclear definition of the concept, the lack of substantial interactivity and the high cost of hardware (VR headsets in particular)…”

Also interesting: 17% of developers are in favour of using blockchain technology in games, while 61% are opposed – a mark of the debates swirling around the use of NFTs in gaming.

Written by: Stuart Dredge