YouTube Music to test new features in ‘Listening Room’ program


Want to get first dibs on brand new features on YouTube Music? Apologies, you’re already too late.

This weekend, the service launched a new program called YouTube Music Listening Room, which offered people a premium subscription and early access to new features in return for feedback on those features in the Listening Room Discord server.

It turned out that a lot of people found this appealing: within 24 hours the signup form was telling visitors that “due to an overwhelming response, we are no longer accepting submissions”.

The program includes a commitment not to share screenshots, recordings or other details of early features, although we’d be surprised if a few don’t leak out as the program gets underway.

All streaming services have their ways of testing new features externally before launch, so YouTube Music’s is no surprise. It does at least hint at there being plenty of those features in the pipeline for the next year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge