Cyanite debuts tech for ‘complex text input’ music searching


You’d be forgiven for skimming startup Cyanite’s latest announcement and wondering why it’s news: a search engine that finds music in response to text queries.

But wait: this is about “complex text input” using natural language, taking a leaf out of the book of the latest crop of text-to-image AIs.

“Users can insert a full scene description, a synch briefing or just a hunch about a sound, and Cyanite’s Free Text Search will provide a list of suitable tracks,” is how the company described it.

One example: ‘A city lost to time, its buildings half buried by the jungle that has claimed it’. Another: ‘Walking down a dusty highway’.

This is aimed squarely at the sync and music-licensing sector, with the aim of making searching catalogues both easier and more pinpoint. The new tech is already being put through its paces by clients including Nettwerk Music Group, Brilliant Classics, Marmoset Music and MediaTracks.

Written by: Stuart Dredge