One House and Aerial launch tool to fuel greener music tours


The first step towards cutting your emissions is to understand what they are. The latest tool to help musicians do that comes from talent development firm One House and sustainability company Aerial.

They have teamed up to create a service aimed at artists and touring DJs, which will enable them to measure their current emissions and understand how to reduce them.

The tool will also provide ways to offset past emissions by buying carbon credits to support sustainability projects ranging from ocean-based projects, carbon removal tech and tree-planting programs.

It’s not Aerial’s first project with the music industry: it has been running a scheme to help artists including Shakira, Calvin Harris and Sia offset the environmental costs of their NFTs.

Carbon offsetting can be a sensitive topic: Greenpeace, for example, argues that “it doesn’t really work” as a standalone practice (albeit thinking more about big corporations doing it rather than working harder to cut their emissions in the first place).

However, One House and Aerial’s tool will hopefully help artists and DJs do the latter as well.

Written by: Stuart Dredge