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We know startup Aimi as the company behind an app that provides adaptive electronic music using its AI. It has worked with several human artists and raised $20m of funding in 2021.

Now it’s letting its listeners play a role in how the music is adapted. The company has released a beta version of its new app for 5,000 users to test.

It will enable them to interact with elements including progression, bass, melody, and harmony as they listen using slider bars. Aimi is planning to offer the app in a free version, but a $9.99 subscription will be required to access the full personalisation features.

CEO Edward Balassanian said that Aimi will be providing analytics to the musicians who provide the original music elements for Aimi’s app to “help them understand which elements of their music connect with their audience and which do not”.

The key question – as it has been for all interactive music apps down the years – is how many people actively want to, well, actively interact rather than just listen. The beta will offer some data on that at least.

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