BELEM seeks publishers and songwriters for lyric translations


BELEM is the European Union-funded consortium announced last December with €2m of funding to explore lyric translation.

Now the group, which includes LyricFind, Deezer and Unison among its 14 members, has issued an open call to publishers, songwriters and translators.

It wants them to apply for funding to create translated or adapted versions of new or existing songs, with funding available for up to 60% of the costs of these projects – with a maximum budget cap of €5k.

“Through this grant and open call, we hope to further showcase the role of lyrics, translations and adaptations in music,” said LyricFind SVP Robert Singerman.

BELEM says it’s particularly keen to support online and streaming lyric translations, as well as helping publishers to build their translation capabilities, and funding individual songwriters too.

It also has its eye on translations for lyric videos, and applications in the live market.

Written by: Stuart Dredge