TikTok is testing limits on using songs in its app in Australia


The latest skirmish in TikTok’s ongoing licensing negotiations with music rightsholders appears to be taking place in Australia.

Bloomberg reported yesterday that TikTok is “limiting the number of songs that users can post on its app” for a subset of its Australian users, which means that certain tracks will not be available for them to use.

The report suggested that the test may be designed to bolster TikTok’s negotiating position, although it could cut the other way.

“If usage of the app remains steady with less music, TikTok could argue it doesn’t need to pay music rights holders as much. If usage falls, it will help music companies make their claims,” it claimed.

A TikTok spokesperson told Music Ally that “this will only affect certain music and is scheduled work while we analyse how sounds are accessed and added to videos, as well as looking to improve and enhance the wider Sounds Library”.

They added that “this change will not be in place for long and not all music is affected.  We look forward to restoring our full catalogue soon”. Your move, labels…

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Written by: Stuart Dredge