Spotify CEO reveals more on healthcare startup Neko Health


Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s interest in health-tech is already known, but now we have more details on a specific venture he’s involved with.

News site Sifted broke the story about Ek’s involvement in healthcare startup Neko Health – previously known as HJN Sverige. While past reports have labeled Ek as merely an investor in the startup, the official quotes published by Sifted make it clear his involvement with the company runs deeper.

“Hjalmar [Nilsonne, CEO] and I founded Neko with the insight that large parts of today’s healthcare system were designed over 50 years ago,” said Ek.

“At the same time, healthcare has for a long time had an unsustainable cost trend and a heavily burdened medical profession. If we are to be able to reverse that trend, I’m convinced that healthcare needs to go from being reactive today to acting proactively.”

The report explains that Neko Health’s service involves scanning patients to collect more than 50m data points, then applying its AI technologies to help doctors find and prevent diseases.

Written by: Stuart Dredge